This site is about food. It contains a little bit a science, a little bit of history and hopefully a lot of interesting information. I have also tried to ensure that some of the information is actually useful. It is aimed at people who are, well let’s just say not kitchen inclined or for people who have been thrown into the necessity of cooking by leaving home.

As long as you can use the major appliances of the kitchen (i.e. stove, oven, microwave, kettle, fridge and freezer) and can follow instructions you should be able to create some amazing food. You will also discover some helpful tips and tricks to make the most of your food (which at least here in Australia is very expensive). And maybe even uncover some interesting science and history tidbits along the way.

Most importantly you should have fun experimenting and doing a little kitchen science of your own.

A little bit about myself… I have studied Microbiology and Immunology (and picked up a lot of knowledge about how nutrition affects organisms, including humans). I have also had my share of nutritionally related medical issues, including food intolerances and allergies. This issues have resulted in me trying a variety of different diets. I have also been cooking/ baking and all round experimenting in the kitchen since I was little. I love food, I love the kitchen and I feel that too much attention is paid on what we eat and not how we eat. So this blog hopes to bring the joy back into food.


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