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Welcome to your fridge

So I know most people grow up being told not to play with your food but that’s all cooking is. So as long as you’re not throwing your food around have fun. Your kitchen should not be a scary place, food is your friend. Ok it might be like a friend that you argue with a lot and doesn’t always give you what you were hoping for. But you’re stuck with it, you have to keep going back to it, your life depends on it (literally).

If you want to rekindle your friendship with food and no longer want to be a kitchen nightmare then read on. If your already on good terms with your kitchen and food but want to understand why your fruit draw always smells like your house after a party or you just want to play with your food a bit more then read on. If you want to unravel what I have dubbed the great food debate then definitely read on.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, this blog is all about food and the science behind food. I promise some interesting food facts, helpful hints and some tried and tested recipes to impress your friends.

Lets explore the fridge together…


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